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Flixton Sawmill supplies sustainably sourced, quality, kiln dried logs from local woodlands, which are 'Woodsure' certified as “Ready to Burn”. 
Our logs are produced onsite and cut to 9 inches/225 mm and are regularly tested to ensure an average moisture content of below 20%.  
This ensures a higher calorific value and a cleaner burn, helping you reduce your carbon footprint.  
Our premium kiln dried logs are available in either a hardwood or softwood. 
You can either purchase from our Flixton site or you can contact us to arrange delivery. 


Delivery is included in the price for both Bulk bags and Loose Loads to the following post codes: 
**Delivery is to kerbside, or we will endeavor to deliver onto your drive or front garden if we can get the delivery vehicle to the site. We are unable to drag bags down driveways, into garages or into gardens.** 
Delivery is included in the price for both Bulk bags and Loose Loads to the following post codes: 
YO11, YO12, Y013, YO14, YO15, YO16, YO25 3 
If your postcode falls outside these areas, you will not be able to proceed with placing the order, unless you select the extended delivery. The following postcodes incur a £10.00 delivery charge for Bulkbags and Loose Loads. 
YO17 6, YO17 9,YO17 8, YO18 7 YO18 8, Y022 4, Y022 5, YO25 4 YO25 5, YO25 8, YO25 9, YO62 6 


Three bags of kindling
A bag of kiln-dried logs
If, in the unlikely event that we have fallen short of your expectations, we will look to rectify the situation at the earliest opportunity. 
Please contact our sales counter on 01723 890666 in the first instance, to discuss your concerns. 
We carefully test all our wood fuels prior to making them available for sale to ensure they have a maximum moisture content of 20% and are ready to burn. Moisture readings are taken as an average across multiple samples from different locations within the kiln. 
If you are still concerned, please email the details of your concern to 
To return firewood, it must be in its original packaging. We cannot offer a refund on any products which you have used, and we reserve the right to make a charge to return and restock fuels. 


Here at Flixton Sawmill we can build you a log store, this is the best way to store you logs. 
Please see logs stores in the garden buildings price list 
For further information about Logs or Log Stores please contact Flixton Sawmill on 01723 890666 or email 
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