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We offer installation service through our associate company Palmer Timber Products. 
When it comes to garden building installations for Flixton Sawmill, our partner, Palmer Timber Products, provides installation services. Payment is required upon the completion of the construction and can be conveniently settled through multiple options, including cash, cheque, or bank transfer.  
Please leave shed order as reference number (Sort code 20-75-92 Account number 43377717) No payments will be taken by Flixton sawmill for installation. Please see the bottom of your order form for a breakdown of costs. 
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A brand new shed in a garden
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Shed Fitting optional extras 
Shed Bases 
These are the current prices for platform bases( Contructed out of pressure treated 4x2 and 3x3 fencing posts 
All measurements in Ft 
3x2 £90.00 3x3 £110.00 4x4 £120.00 6x4 £175.00 7x5 £185.00 
8x6 £215.00 10x6 £255.00 10x8 £275.0012x8 £300.00 14x8 £380.00 
EPDM Rubber Roof 
All measurements in Ft 
4x4 £165.00 5x4 £165.00 6x4 £185.00 7x5 £200.00 6x6 £200.00 
8x6 £230.00 9x6 £230.00 10x6 £280.00 12x6 £300.00 8x8 £280.00 
10x8 £350.00 12x8 £430.00 10x10 £430.00 16x8 £580.00 12x10 £570.00 
14x10 £640.00 16x10 £660.00 18x10 £750.00 20x10 £780.00 7x7 £220.00 
6x3 £170.00 5x3 £170.00 3x7 £170.00 4x7 £185.00 
10x4 £225.00 12x4 £240.00 8x4 £215.00 10x5 £250.00 
Corner House 
6x6 £300.00 7x7 £380.00 8x8 £460.00 10x10 £650.00 
Removal and Disposal of Old Shed 
All measurements in Ft 
6x4 £90.00 7x5 £110.00 8x6 £120.00 10x6 £175.00 10x8 £185.00 
12x8 £215.00 
Pent buildings up to 12ft on roof lower edge £125.00 (single downpipe) 
Apex Buildings up to 12ft on both lower edges, going into hopper £175.00 (single down pipe) 
2x down pipes + £25.00 
For a comprehensive and obligation-free quotation tailored to your specific installation needs, we invite you to get in touch with Carl Palmer directly. You can reach him at 07984 684566 or explore further details on his official website. Carl Palmer, with his wealth of expertise, is ready to assist you in transforming your vision into reality. 
To facilitate a thorough assessment of your site and installation requirements, we encourage you to initiate a site visit. Simply click here, and our team will promptly arrange a convenient time to survey your location and discuss the details of your project. Your satisfaction is our priority, and with personalized attention from Carl Palmer, you can expect a seamless and tailored approach to meeting your installation needs. 
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