If You Live in Yorkshire and Beyond, We Can Deliver in Time For Christmas*! 
Don’t Worry About Coming to Us, We Can Come to you.* 
If you’ve ordered one of our timber products, a bulk bag or a loose load of firewood, did you know we can deliver these items to you?* 
The Main Roads: A64, A1039, A165 and A171 
Flixton village, between Scarborough and Filey, is on the A1039, one of the area’s busy main artery roads which in summer, as we know, can be busy! 
Having a business near the Yorkshire Coast has its advantages, yet getting about easily isn’t one of them for many of us. 
Using your own vehicle is fine for small nets of logs, bags of kindling and smokeless fuel items. 
Yet it is cheaper for some customers to buy bulk bags and loose loads. 
It’s good to know delivery is included in the price for both these quantities for certain postcode areas. 
*Free and Small Charge Deliveries of Our Firewood 
Premium quality, ready to burn kiln dried logs, sourced from local woodlands, are heavy even in smaller quantities. 
The most cost-effective way is to order our bulk bags and loose loads of woodburning timber. 
If you reside in the following postcode areas: YO11, YO12, YO13, YO14, YO15, YO16 and YO25 3 then delivery costs are included. 
There is still time to order and arrange delivery for Christmas.  
Yet if you live outside of these areas, don’t worry, as we charge a small £10.00 delivery cost in addition to the price of the logs. 
This applies to YO17 6, YO17 9,YO17 8, YO18 7 YO18 8, Y022 4, Y022 5, YO25 4 YO25 5, YO25 8, YO25 9, YO62 6 postcodes. 
How Does Flixton Sawmill Deliver? 
We understand every home is different, so we are able to deliver to the kerbside if needed. 
Delivery can be made to your drive if you have one, or front garden if that is possible. 
Due to the weight and size of the bulk bags and loose loads, we are unable to drag anything down driveways, into garages, into yards or gardens. 
When you order your wood either online or in store, you can choose your preferred delivery times (excluding weekends) and one of our friendly team will call you back to confirm the time slot. 
This helps you to plan your day effectively. 
Would A Log Store Help? 
A log store is always a good idea if you store wood. 
Delivery of wood to your log store would depend on its position in or around your property. 
There are ready-made log stores available which are designed to let air circulate, helping maintain the correct moisture content of the logs. 
You might be limited as to where you can position your log store. 
Yet you might be able to place it in a spot where delivery drivers can reach and deliver your firewood easily. 
Log stores come in many different shapes and sizes, from ones with flat roofs to ones with apex roofs. 
What About Vehicles? 
A reputable sawmill company will have at their disposal suitable vehicles. 
From flatbeds to smaller vehicles, these hard-working members of the team can carry heavy loads. 
Larger vehicles are also able to deliver other timber items. 
Our fleet of vehicles show our colourful logo and our professional team ensure you get great service. 
Do I Have Time to Buy Before Christmas? 
Getting ready for winter involves many things, including digging out the winter clothes and stocking up on your wood stove burner logs. 
As it comes round to log burner season, there’s nothing worse than having an empty stove and feeling cold! 
Did you know we have our handy nets of logs if you have a smaller fire? 
We also sell kindling, which you’ll need to help get your fire going. 
What Are Your Opening Times? 
Our site in Flixton is open six days a week. 
We are open Monday to Friday 8am to 4.30pm, Saturday 8am to 12noon, but we are closed Sunday. 
What Are Your Opening Times? 
Our site in Flixton is open six days a week. 
We are open Monday to Friday 8am to 4.30pm, Saturday 8am to 12noon, but we are closed Sunday. 
In the run up to Christmas, we might have additional opening times, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates. 
Fences, Panels, Gates, Posts, Rails and Boards 
If you’ve ordered any of these items, then delivery can be arranged. 
Installation can also be arranged here: https://www.flixtonsawmill.co.uk/webshop/garden-buildings/ 
The same applies to garden sheds, furniture, sleepers and more. 
We are one of the area’s leading suppliers of timber products and we deliver to various locations. 
What About Hardware? 
Owning a fire, outbuildings, sheds, summerhouses and similar means you will need hardware and fixings too. 
Some of these items you’ll need to purchase to complete any jobs you’re doing to get ready for autumn and winter. 
We stock power posts, hinges, latches, bolts, screws, nails, paints, varnish and lots more. 
You will find trusted brands such as Ronseal and Gatemate by Birkdale on our shelves. 
DuraPost products are also part of our portfolio. 
What Wood Do You Use? 
For sheds and logs, we use the finest slow grown Swedish redwood, which is then preservative-treated for longer life. 
For our wood burning logs that are in smaller nets, these are cut into 9 inches (225mm blocks). 
These are suitable for smaller wood fires, and can be picked up from our Flixton site during opening hours. 
If you need help with lifting the nets into your car, one of our team can help you. 
For bulk bags and loose load orders, you will receive logs of various sizes, from larger to smaller blocks. 
We have a range of log burner woods we offer customers including mixed hardwood and softwood loose loads; hardwood loose loads; soft wood loose loads; softwood bulk bags, hardwood bulk bags. 
Loose loads are loaded into the back of a truck without bags. 
Bulk bags hold large amounts of logs ready for delivery. 
Kiln Dried Onsite 
Our firewood is kiln dried onsite and we have hardwoods and softwoods available. 
Our logs are put through a cleaning process and this removes as much dust and bark as possible. 
As these items still burn and produce good heat, unfortunately we are unable to replace any bags or loads that include dust or bark, thank you. 
Is Your Wood Ready to Use? 
While some will claim it, our wood is definitely Ready to Burn and is ready for immediate use. 
This means once it’s delivered, or after you’ve collected your wood, then you can look forward to a roaring fire within minutes. 
Where Are the Main Locations You Deliver To? 
We deliver to all local towns including Scarborough, Filey and Bridlington. 
We also deliver to parts of North and East Yorkshire including Driffield, Beverley, villages such as Weaverthorpe, Butterwick, Sherburn, East and West Heslerton, Wold Newton, Rudston, Burton Fleming, Fordon and many more. 
A Bit About Flixton Sawmill 
Established in 1987, we were originally known as Wykyeam sawmill. 
Over the years, we steadily expanded and eventually relocated to our current 6-acre site just off Filey Road, Flixton. 
We changed our name to Flixton Sawmill Ltd in January 2000. 
We employ over 20 members of staff all locally based. 
All our staff are professional, courteous and have great knowledge of our products. 
We have log splitters and kilns onsite, and we also supply quality decking, garden buildings and more. 
We are lucky in that we have a loyal customer base yet if you’ve not used us before, then you will be pleasantly surprised if you visit our large site. 
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