Kennels, stables, field shelters, food stores 
Creating bespoke equestrian buildings near Scarborough 
Winter 2023/2024 has thrown a lot at us. 
And we are not done yet! 
If you’ve gone for a long time with ‘make do and mend’ outdoor buildings, we can help! 
Expertly Crafted 
Our outdoor buildings are meticulously crafted and made by an expert team. 
From site visits to design to installation, all this is taken care of. 
Livestock Shelters and Buildings 
If you’ve got livestock on a farm or small holding, expertly-built shelters are essential for the wellbeing of the animals. 
Winter cover for some animals away from the rain, wind, snow and frost helps maintain the ongoing success of your agricultural business. 
No two businesses are the same, and bespoke elements such as windows, feeding hatches, doors, roofs and more are available. 
Timber Stables and Equestrian Buildings 
Owning horses or running an equestrian business is … well, horse work! 
As a nation, we love our equine friends. 
Hard work though it is, a made to order construction with top quality timber and roofing products can make life easier. 
A well-made, weather-proof stable also helps you keep up with the welfare of your horses. 
Our constructions can include guttering, windows, overhangs, kickboards, and much more. 
Decking, Railings and Fencing 
Of course, a stable, shelter, shed, summerhouse and other timber buildings do not need to ‘stand-alone’. 
Decking, railings, posts, fencing and more can also be constructed and added. 
Durability and Safety 
Using tanalised timber which is sustainability sourced is one of the key features of excellent outdoor building construction. 
We use the finest slow grown Swedish redwood in the construction of our buildings which is then preservative treated. 
We can also help with the roof design, including apex, pitched and sloped roofs made from a variety of materials. 
Field Shelters 
Perhaps your property includes a field shelter or two. 
These constructions tend to be open fronted although they don’t have to be. 
Field shelters are used in agricultural settings, in pastures and fields. 
From small to large, single to double shelters, functionality and durability are ‘inbuilt ‘ by our team. 
Dog Kennels 
The phrase ‘in the dog house’ has negative connotations! 
Yet dog kennels we create can be spacious, weatherproof, secure and look great. 
Single, double to multiple dog kennels are available. 
Don’t compromise on accommodation for your four-legged friend. 
Whether you are a breeder, a farmer, or a domestic customer, a dog kennel can be made by our team to whatever size you need. 
Timber Treatments 
Timber is a something that needs regular treatment to keep it working hard for you and your animals. 
Sheds, Summerhouses, Pergolas and More 
If you don’t own livestock but have a garden that you want to enjoy, then a shed, summerhouse, pergola or catio will be an asset! 
Enjoying the great outdoors is something we all want to do in warm weather. 
Having well-built timber recreational spaces means you can take shelter if the weather is bad. 
Lean-Tos and Combination Buildings 
Sometimes a lean to or a combination building is all you need. 
Perhaps to offer shelter to your car or vehicle or similar, we can help. 
We also build log stores, bin shelters, and more. 
The Benefits of a Timber Outdoor Building 
Timber can be hard wearing, and has been used for countless centuries. 
Strong, yet lightweight, timber buildings can be easily adapted, altered or upgraded. 
Repairs are often easier, too and timber is often more cost effective than other materials. 
Timber is versatile and has that timeless appeal, looking more ‘natural’ than other materials. 
It can look aesthetically appealing against natural backdrops such as gardens, pastures, fields and other outdoor spaces. 
While there is maintenance needed, it is often straight-forward and our team can help offer advice about treating timbers. 
Treatments can include stains and preservatives, available instore and in different shades. 
Timber is often considered to be more sustainable too, and it has insulating properties. We source our timber from sustainable suppliers. 
Most timber buildings if correctly maintained and cared for will stand harsh weather conditions. 
Working with timber is a highly skilled craft. Different timbers have different characteristics, and our expertise is ‘built in’ to our outdoor building creations. 
During construction, while there is waste, there is often less of it and some of it can be recycled or repurposed. 
Construction of a timber building, depending on its size and design, often takes less time than its stone or steel counterparts. 
Add well-made timber buildings to your property or land, providing you follow the planning rules, can often add value too. 
About Flixton Sawmill 
Flixton Sawmill Ltd was established in 1987 as Wykeham Sawmill Ltd. 
The company steadily expanded over those first years and as we had out-grown our original location, we relocated to our current 6-acre site and changed our name to Flixton Sawmill Ltd on 2nd January 2000. 
As a family run business with over 45 years in the timber industry, we employ a team comprising of upwards of 20 members of our local community. Several members of our staff have many years of experience, incredible industry knowledge and have been with the company for many years. 
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