Garden building care and maintenance

To prolong your buildings life and protect your investment you must care for and maintain your building.
Treating your building with a quality preservative and water proofer is highly recommended, immediately after installation and annually thereafter.
Fitting and maintaining guttering to control rain water will prolong the life of your building for minimal cost and installing your building on a suitable base, on tantalized bearers will raise it off of the ground to create adequate airflow and discourage animal and insect infestation.
All of our buildings are made out of tantalized, pressure treated softwood timber, this is something extra, when compared to the industry standard, however this treatment should be considered a base treatment, before the customer’s choice of finish is applied, and maintained annually.
The end user should treat and maintain their garden building as much as they deem necessary.
Suitable and sufficient care and maintenance will result in a better quality building, No care and maintenance will result in a building which develops issues as a direct result.
Timber will degrade over time, but regular care and maintenance will give many years of service

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